Since 2013, Ballard Petroleum Holdings (BPH) has drilled, completed and produced 70 horizontal wells in 5 different horizons all within the Powder River Basin (PRB).  We have explored, delineated and are now in the development phase of our primary asset located in the southern part of Campbell County, WY.  Throughout this process, our completion techniques have evolved to optimize both the economics of our assets and the production of our wellbores. 

We have continued to analyze and test the industry’s different completion technologies.  This ranges from utilizing an extreme limited entry plug and perf process to installing cemented, coil activated casing sleeves.  We have tested and successfully implemented dissolvable frac plug technology which allows us to drill extended reach horizontals without the fear of not being able to effectively clean them out.   Our detailed understanding of each productive zone in the Powder River Basin allows us to apply the best new technology for each specific application.  We are also realizing economies of scale and minimizing land use through ‘pad drilling’ multiple wells and horizons from a single surface location.  Pad wells enable stimulation with zipper frac techniques and simultaneous operations which results in significant cost savings.  The Company has harnessed the advancements in drilling technology to greatly decrease drill times and cost.  Drilling days have reduced by more than 50% using recent drill bit enhancements, faster and stronger mud motors, rotary steerable tools, and monobore well designs (where feasible).  

As the PRB has grown in stature and become a ‘high value basin’ for US on-shore production operations, Ballard Petroleum has been recognized by peer-review and industry analysts as ‘ best in class’ when it comes to optimizing our operations to drive value and production from our assets.